Red Yellow Blue and a dash of White too!!


"A book that is ostensibly about mixing colors, this is a true feast for the senses. The first thing I thought of while flipping through this book was Basquiat after a Skittle binge. There is a level of confidence to Esperanza's style that is unique in a debut author -- his control of the page is such that he is unafraid to loosen the reins and let the colors run a little wild. The result is thrilling and hypnotic."

-The Huffington Post

The colors in Red, Yellow, Blue (and a Dash of White, Too!) are bright, energetic and SO fun to look at. With graffiti like line work, and perfect brush strokes anyone would enjoy flipping through its pages.



"The vibrant art leaps right off these pages and stirs up and energizes the creative spirit in readers young and old. The art is truly that -- art. And the story is timeless and perfect for an at-home or school or library storytime. You might want to have some paint or markers nearby, this book's creativity is infectious!" - Jon Scieszka's review of "Red, Yellow Blue and a dash of white too" for GUYSREAD.COM

"C.G.Esperanza's newest book is a promising author-illustrator debut"-Julie Danielson of the "Seven Impossible things before breakfast" book blog  

"We truly love books that feel like a wild rollercoaster journey. Charles has perfectly captured the effervescent enthusiasm of a child letting her artistic skills and her imagination fly." - "Read it Daddy" Picture book blog.

"Think Spike Lee’s ‘Do the Right Thing’, De la Soul’s ‘Me Myself & I’, Wild Style the movie, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five and you’ll be beginning to get the flavour of this exciting new picture book by Charles George Esperanza."

"The artwork is stunning. In my experience with children’s picture books, I really haven’t come across this kind of artistic style before. The art is fresh and modern. There is a strong sense of energy and motion, fun and excitement. It’s like high-end street art."- "I Sniff Books"-Book Blog